Suddhosi buddhosi

Suddhossi Buddhossi Niranjanosi Samsara maya Parivar jitosi Samsara svapanam Traija mohan nidram Na janma mrityor Tat sat sva rupe You are forever pure, you are forever true and the dream of this world can never touch you So give up your attachments, give up your confusion and abide in that...

Universal lover

You are my Mother you are my Father You are my lover and my best friend You're the beginning, you are the center and you are far beyond the end Re: I love you so, 'cos you help me see, to see you in all, is to see you in me 'cos I'm in you and you're in me I'm in you and you're in me I'm in you...

Gran espiritu

Gran espiritu ayuda nuestra gente  Nuestra gente que busca la vision Gran espiritu ayuda nuestra gente Nuestra gente que busca sanacion Da nos tu calor Da nos tu amor  Da nos sanacion Da nos curacion Gran espiritu.mp3
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